Open Office

Designing, Creating and Furnishing spaces that are inspiring, innovative, smart and connected.

Reception and Welcoming Space

First Impressions Last. Create a welcoming space that reflects who and what you are.

Work Cafés

Transforming traditional cafeteria and break room spaces into a destination for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation.

Private Space

95% of today’s workers need quiet. Providing private spaces focused on employee well – being and mindfulness are key to creativity and productivity.

Private Office

The Private Office of today should maximize the efficiency of space, provide privacy and control and accommodate technology.

Conference Space

Meetings are meant to be an engine of productivity in the work place. The right combination of technology and furniture is critical to the success of your space.

Meeting Space

Agile meeting spaces designed to support smaller groups of 8 or fewer people and a more collaborative work environment.



Designing and organizing workplaces to optimize workers capacity by keeping them active, healthy, focused, productive, and engaged.

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